I’ve been looking back in some old blog archives.  Blogs that I abandoned long ago.  I think I got tired of the same story, different day syndrome.  In the interest of having a better understanding of this new blog, I’ve decided to take those old posts and recycle them here.  I may, or may not, edit them as I feel necessary.  I’m sure it’s going to remind me of details I’ve left in the past whether intentional or not.

For starters I added my first post from 2002 in the about page because it gave an introduction.

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  1. Hope you get this and the link works. I had to delete A Life of Triggers. My new blog “home” just opened up tonight.
    Please visit, I do think we have so much in common.

    September 28th, 2008

  2. You know, I need to write about my girls… badly. Yet at my old blog, Life of Triggers, I had so many people reading it, wanting lighter stuff, thus my new blog. I am thinking about starting a private blog, so I can vent, reflect and just process what I am dealing with now with 2 teens who have serious mental health issues, a lack of community services and a family that is being torn apart. My 13 year old who JUST got out of the hospital (her 3rd stay since April) is refusing to go back to her public school. I sent her to a private one last year, that didn’t work. Now she is on Homebound again, until we can find the right school. If that even exists. My 16 year old who is bi-polar 1 is so unstable right now (she got out of the hospital in August) and is just brutal to us, especially her 13 year old sister. My 14 year old, just stays out of it, she is like an angel, but I know this is impacting her, as all the attention is focused on the other 2.
    Is there a way to start a blog, just for this type of stuff? I am so unsavy when it comes to tech. stuff.

    Thanks for listening. I know you have your own hands full, so I hope you don’t mind. My e-mail address is

    October 3rd, 2008

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