Another move tomorrow

Hopefully the last until she comes home.  The way she’s been talking to us lately she acts as if she’s going to summer camp.  It’s hard to tell if she’s doing that because I told her I wasn’t going to be an audience for her theatrics or what.  She’s given me a list of things she wants me to bring from home.  I’m not going to bring all that she requested.  I’m going to tell her that if she wants those things, she needs to do the work to get better and come home.  I have such mixed feelings.  On one hand I wonder what is really going on with her.  On the other hand, I sometimes feel that she is controlling this whole situation just so she won’t have to go back to her school where all her problems seem to be.  She asks about that a lot.  Early on I was dead set that she was going to learn how to deal with how kids are no matter what.  But if she is willing to go to these extremes to stay away from that school, what can I do?  I keep telling her she’s going to find those kinds of kids everywhere.  But there are some things she claims have happened that maybe a fresh start for her last couple of years would be best.  I just don’t know.


It’s an hour + trip to the respite and then another hour + to residential.  We’ll probably spend at least 3 or 4 hours admitting her.  She’s been gone since September 8 all told.  I just hope getting her settled somewhere that she shouldn’t have to move again will encourage her to start the real work of healing.

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  1. I hope this works out for her. It is so hard. With my youngest, I use to feel she had to stick it out, learn to deal with life. There are bullies/jerks in every school, the fantasy school she has in her head doesn’t exist. Yet, she also goes to the extremes to avoid school. It has to be so difficult and painful for her. I wish I knew what the answer was. I do know that I am very sick of psychiatric hopsitals!

    Take care of yourself.

    November 2nd, 2008

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