Brass Knuckles and Drama Queens

Oldest called several days ago and said he got beat up. I asked why and he said because he’s friends with his roommate and these guys were mad at the roommate. Ok. He said his lip and nose were swollen. I told him to put some ice on it. I told him I felt bad for him, but what did he expect hanging out late at night in the section of town he’s hanging out in. Life lessons and tough love. Sigh.

We’ll be moving K soon. Of course it’s an hour and a half away and not the place that’s only 50 minutes away. I did get some validation though. The coordinator at the respite told me that K shouldn’t come home for any length of time because she’s still not stable. She’ll go a few days with no issues. This bugs her that it means she gets less attention when she’s not having issues so she’ll do something to create an issue. Funny, I remember telling her school therapist that I believe that’s what she did in school. She would go a week with out anything to report and then she would come home and tell me that she said something to someone that made them upset and things would start again. I would just ask her why she had to say what she said and she would tell me she didn’t know. Well, now I know. It’s part of her problem.

She proved it again last night. I talked to her in the afternoon and she was fine. Last night she called and sounded distraught and her dad talked to her. Seems the kids were calling her names and saying mean things about her so she lost it. She knows she is leaving in a few days but she had to make it sound like it was life or death and that she just could.not.handle them talking about her and someone needed to MAKE.THEM.STOP. Another sigh.

I probably shouldn’t search the internet for stuff. I swear I found a diagnosis that hits the nail on the head for her. Actually, it’s a cross between two related disorders. Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorder. I’m no doctor, but I tell ya, the criteria for it sure is all K. I’ll be interested in hearing what they have to say at her new placement. I won’t be surprised if they don’t give her that diagnosis though, because most of the time they don’t like to give it when kids are that age. K will be 16 in December.

One thing that I really do like about the place she is going is that it is faith based. She will have access to clergy and be able to go to church. She’s missed that for almost 2 months. She was so grounded in that for the first several years she was with us because we had the kids in a Christian school. Maybe she’ll get it back while she is there. One can hope (and pray).

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  1. I wanted to stop by and say hello. I am glad that your daughter is going to a good place, even if it is far away. I hope this works for her.

    October 23rd, 2008

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