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We had our meeting with the insurance company yesterday to determine whether or not K is eligible for residential.  It was held at the MH/MR office.  They’ve seen me before.  They’ve known me for several years due to R, the oldest.  I also had to contact the school to request a multidisciplinary evaluation for K.  The school psychologist knows me.  She’s known me for years.  Not only for R, but for KT our middle son.  I’m beginning to wonder if these people think that we’re the problem since we’ve just hit strike 3 with our kids.  Strike 4, actually, if you count not being able to keep our medically fragile child alive 13 years ago.  But they didn’t know about him.  KT is attending a different school because our home school does not have a therapeutic emotional support classroom.  Fine by me, because that boy is thriving.  He gets to go to vo-tech for emergency protective services because he wants to be a policeman.  He’s a junior this year.  I think he finally "gets" it.  He is in learning support, but I don’t think that will stop him as determined as he is.  So, now that K is most likely going to be elsewhere for the remainder of the school year, that makes all 3 of our kids being schooled largely away from our home district.  They just can’t handle my kids.  But, I’m sure they look at us like we’re terrible parents and have caused all these problems for our kids.  Sometimes I wonder that myself…


Anyhoo.  We had to rehash information that I’ve had to rehash at least 1000 times over the years since the adoptions.  We don’t know the birth family’s complete history.  We do know there is mental illness on both sides.  There were not convictions for abuse and neglect, etc.  K spoke with the evaluator (over the phone) and answered all her questions in typical K fashion.  Her answers all pointed to depression and suicidal thoughts, but her voice never wavered and as usual, she sounded chipper.    Before K got on the phone I told the 2 ladies in the room with me that she would get on and the first thing she would say would be "Hi Mommy!"  I nailed that one.  She’s a mamma’s girl.  The last thing she said before she got off was "Can I come home this weekend."  Fortunately I didn’t have to answer that one because I knew it would be no.  Some one else had that deed.


The evaluator concluded that she meets the medical necessity portion of the requirements, but that they don’t approve these things over the phone.  She instructed K’s case manager to start faxing/sending referrals to the different facilities.  I think it’s going to be an hour and a half away at least.  Can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure that we won’t find anything less than an hour away.  The one place the evaluator said is really good is the farthest away.  I looked it up and they have a barnyard!  Imagine that.  They have goats and rabbits and other animals.  Hey, we have goats and rabbits and other animals at home.  She loves animals, but hates the chore of taking care of them.  Go figure.  Ok, this is not about chores and animals.  It’s about her.  The evaluator made the mistake of telling K that residential was just temporary until we can get her better and she can go back to her home school.  I wanted to scream NO.  YOU SHOULDN"T HAVE SAID THAT!  THAT’S THE LAST THING SHE WANTS.  NOW SHE WON’T EVEN TRY TO GET BETTER.  I held my tongue until after K was off the phone and explained to the MH/MR person this fact.  That school is her main hangup.  She HATES it.  She perceives all the evils of the world are in this school.  I’m just sayin’

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