Family Therapy Session

The phone call started out upbeat. It slowly deteriorated in to her crying and saying she had no future and there has never been anything good in her life. I did more talking than the therapist and she must have been ok with that since she didn’t try to stop me. I told K that I wanted her to look up the word unconditional and tell me what it meant the next time we talked. She tried to say that nobody loved her and that we were all just pretending. I also told her I wanted her to think long and hard about what made her happy and the good things in her life (past and present) and write them down for our next session. She talked to me later that night and said she couldn’t talk to staff because they were mean and that she “needed to do something”. I told her that was her way of punishing me for sending her there. She said that she wasn’t. She knew I would worry and make phone calls to staff and that was her way of getting the attention she needed. Tomorrow is her case meeting and it will determine whether or not she can go up one level and start to do outings and other things with the rest of the group. She’s been depressed about having to stay onsite while others go out so that hasn’t helped either. I don’t know how tomorrow is going to turn out. It will also determine if she gets to come home at all for Thanksgiving. If she doesn’t get to come home, I’m not sure what she will do.

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