Let’s see. 

We took oldest some food that I had bought for him a month ago.  Seemed like good timing as he called and told us he was out of food and money.  I won’t give him money.  He knows that.  We took the box of food which contained mostly freezer stuff and non-perishables.  There was a pizza, mac and cheese, vegetables and we gave him a few packages of our home-grown beef and pork.  He said his food stamp card would be reloaded in a few days.  When we got there he was sitting on the stoop outside.  He bleached his hair again and pierced his other ear.  According to middle son he said he got a tattoo as well.  Not sure if that’s true or not.  He was smoking the last of his cigarette.  I just took a deep breath before I got out of the car and reminded myself that he’s 19 and doesn’t live at home.  It’s his life.  He still doesn’t have a job.  There are help wanted signs all around him within walking distance but I think he thinks those jobs aren’t good enough for him.  I don’t know how much longer they will let him live there without getting paid.


I’m going to see K tonight for a therapy session.  She called last night because yesterday was her first day of school there.  She was pretty upbeat and said she got good remarks from the teacher.  She was upset the night before because she had lost dessert privileges for lending her clothes to someone.  She cried about how unfair it was.  I asked her if she broke the rules by lending them and she said yes and I said there ya go.  Don’t break the rules and you won’t lose your privileges.  Life is so unfair.  She’s not expecting me today. 


I got a call from the campus nurse this morning telling me about how K has been complaining about stomach aches for awhile now.  K told the nurse she got them all the time and she just drinks gatorade to make it better.  She visits the nurse quite frequently.  Just like she did while she was in school.  I explained to the nurse her need for attention and how she embellishes and even sometimes lies just to get the attention.  The nurse understood.  She sees it all the time.  Since K is new up there she just wanted to be sure that there wasn’t a history of gastrointestinal problems.  Nerves.  That’s what it is.  I’m really surprised she hasn’t been getting hives regularly.  We used to have to keep a bottle of benadryl at school for her because of how often she used to get them. 


If she doesn’t do anything terribly stupid, like try to run away again, she should be able to come home for a day or two for Thanksgiving.  I have to keep reminding her each time I talk to her because she keeps the threat open.  She was upset with me the night before on the phone because I wasn’t buying in to her self-pity party so she blurted out "I have a boyfriend".  Gee, she’s been there not two weeks and he told her he loves her already.  I know she did it just to get a reaction because boys are a big problem for her.  I don’t think she got what she wanted from telling me that so she dropped it.  We’ll see how things go this afternoon and if she brings it up again.

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  1. I so understand this. I admire your ability to keep the boundries clear. It will help so much in the long run. I’m learning and getting better, but not there yet. (((HUG)))

    November 15th, 2008

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