3 phone calls

The first was from the oldest and hubs actually answered it.  Seems that he had a job at Mickey D’s for a couple of days.  He says he got fired because he was 10 minutes late coming back from a break.  Supposedly he asked them for something to eat and when he felt ignored he called a buddy who drove him several miles to another Mickey D’s.  Something doesn’t add up here.  Anyway, he got back 10 minutes late and the manager told him to leave because the job wasn’t for him.  He told his dad he thinks he’s going to be kicked out of the apartment.  This is the first job he’s even attempted since he moved in to the apartment in August.  I think hubs got the feeling son was fishing for something, like money or an offer to come back home?  Hubs told him that son’s best bet was to tell the apartment manager he would find another job and try harder.  Son also told hubs that, yes, Virginia, he is smoking weed.  Well now. 


Second phone call is K.  She acts as if we hadn’t been told that she ran again on Wednesday night.  I told her I was none too happy with her.  She keeps reminding me about her birthday in a couple of weeks.  She’s not getting any commitment from me.  We may go up and spend the afternoon with her, as long as the roads aren’t slick.  She tries to skirt the behavior issue with telling me she’s doing well in school.  Good.  I’m glad.  Now get your behavior back on track!  We have a family session tonight via phone and then a team meeting tomorrow via phone.  Should be interesting.


Third was R again.  This time I answered.  He gave me the exact same intro as he did hubs.  But, then he says that he knows I don’t like this, but could I buy him some cigarettes.  Nope, can’t do that son.  I asked if he’s been taking his meds and he said no and tried to blame it on the ladies at the apartment.   I told him his best bet was to start taking his meds again and stay away from the weed.  I asked how his food situation was and he said he was good on that front.  I’m willing to help in ways that won’t enable him.  I won’t carry him.  He needs to find a job and keep it.  He also needs to quit blaming everyone else for his situation.  That’s what is going to be the most difficult for him.  It’s never his fault, always someone else’s. 

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