Tensions are high

Tensions are high in our household.  K ran away again Wednesday night.  This time with another girl to a stranger’s house who fed them then called the police.  I haven’t spoken to her since Tuesday.  When I did speak to her Tuesday everything was hunky-dory.  Supposedly.  I told her that I would not stick my neck out again to ask for visits home.  I would go with whatever they said.  If they so no visit for Christmas so be it. 


She ran away because someone told her that her so-called boyfriend was cheating on her.  That’s all we know.  I spoke to both her therapist and case manager yesterday and neither seemed to know the details.  Either that or they just weren’t saying.  She gets a new case manager next week since she moved to a different cottage.  She will keep her therapist until the therapist for her new cottage returns from maternity leave next month. 


Hubs is upset that she is able to get out the door without someone catching her before she leaves the grounds.  I don’t know what to say to that.  He is stressed and is the type that holds things in.  Tonight he had a blowup with middle son because middle son put too much wood on the wood stove.  Hubs is terrified of the house catching fire due to his family’s home burning down when he was 2 years old.  Middle son didn’t understand this.  Middle son is also feeling stressed.  He is upset with both his siblings and it’s hard for him.  So when Hubs blew up at him, he blew right back.  They nearly got in to a fist fight.  It broke my heart.  Hubs left to go help cut up his deer even though earlier he said he wasn’t going to.  It was probably for the best so he could cool down.  Later I explained the situation to middle son and we talked.  I think it cleared some things up for him and he’ll be more careful from now on.  I told him that his dad did not handle the situation correctly and I was not excusing his behavior.  But I did want middle son to know.  He felt sorry that he reacted the way he did.  This is huge for him to admit that.  He usually doesn’t care.  He’s matured so much in the last few months. 

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