Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

The oldest and his girlfriend are coming to our house for dinner Friday night. He’s asked his dad if he can change the oil in his girlfriend’s car. Dad says sure as long as you buy the stuff and watch so you can learn how to do it yourself. When he called last night I reminded him about it and how he needed to learn and his response was “You know I don’t like to get dirty.” Too bad son, make sure you wear work clothes.

She has gall bladder issues so we have to make something that won’t irritate it. I’m planning on spaghetti and making separate sauce without meat for her. I think she may be bringing one of the kids too. We’ll see if that changes before tomorrow.

Did I mention before that she came to our church last Sunday. He was working and she came by herself. We talked and I got to know her a little better. Her early background is a lot like his. She went through a lot of stuff herself but has turned her life around. She’s trying to get him to see that he can do the same. So far he’s listening. He’s finishing his second week of work today. Hopefully getting the first paycheck after not having one for so long will keep him from messing up.

He told me he wanted to go get his license next week and then asked if he did could he use one of our cars.  Um, that would be no.  He walks about 5 blocks to work and the temps have been in the single digits.  It won’t be that way forever and besides, when we had dinner the first time I took him his heavy winter coat and also got him several hoodies for Christmas gifts.  I think he knew we’d say no, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

K will be home as well. Hopefully she won’t be as belligerent and will be at least a little more pleasant to be around. When I called her Tuesday night she had just gotten beaten up for saying something to another girl in a different unit than her. I asked her why does she have to say anything at all? She felt I was saying it was her fault she got beat up. I just said the chances would have been less likely if you would have just shut your mouth. She attracts ire against her for some reason. We’ve reminded her that she needs to change her attitude and until she does, nothing around her will change.

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