This, That And The Other Which Thing

Where do I begin?

Oldest was MIA for Christmas.  We called two days before Christmas only to find that he was no longer living in the supervised apartment.  They gave me his cell number.  I called and left messages.  The day after Christmas he called and said he didn’t get the messages because he was out of minutes.  We still don’t know exactly where he is.  He says with his girlfriend in the same general area, but he hasn’t said exactly where.  We are going to meet for dinner at a restaurant because he wants us to meet his girlfriend.  We thought she had one child.  Turns out she has 3 and she’s 24.  He’s 19.  No biggie about the age difference, but I’m a tad bit concerned about the kids.  Oh, and he also wanted us to give him $$ to help with bills.  Then another call to say he needs work clothes for a new job he’s supposed to start on Sunday if he passes his drug test before then.  I bought more minutes for his phone and work clothes. As soon as the minutes showed up on his phone he called and asked if I sent him minutes.  I told him yes and he actually thanked me. He sounded sincere too.  That’s unusual for him.  We’ll probably bring some food for him along with his Christmas gifts when we meet for dinner.  I’m still not going to give him $$.  We’ll see how it goes.

K was home for 5 days for Christmas.  It was a much better visit than Thanksgiving.  She did use her brother’s cell without asking to text a friend that happens to be a boy who is also a friend of her brother.  Overall she did well though.  Her big issues are still inappropriate interaction with boys and exaggerated drama with peers (usually about boys).  She’s been singing in the choir and has been allowed to do a couple of solos.  She’s making almost all A’s except for one B.  There will probably be talk of discharge soon.  I expressed my big concern about school and the fact that she now has a reputation and those kids will not show mercy.  I don’t think she can handle that yet.  We’ll have to find something else.

Middle is having his ups and downs but generally doing well.  He doesn’t like being an only at home, but he’s been able to talk with and text friends so that helps some.

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