Ok, So I Lied (A Little)

Oldest called on Sunday.  He needed a favor.  Surprise!  NOT.  They needed someone to watch his girlfriend’s kids for a little while Tuesday afternoon.  They are going to need someone to watch them on a regular basis now that they are both working overlapping shifts.  (Hey!  He’s working!)  I told them I could watch them Tuesday afternoon, but after that I can’t because it’s while I’m supposed to be working.  He keeps asking me if I know anyone who could watch them for a couple of hours  a couple of days a week.  She usually sends the kids to Grandma’s but sometimes Grandma can’t do it.  I’m not even sure if they could pay someone and they can’t seem to give me details about how many days a week and what time or how long.  I sort of lied in a previous post that I would put my foot down and make him promise to help his dad when he can.  I figured a couple of hours one afternoon wasn’t that big of a deal.  Hubs wasn’t thrilled because supposedly her estranged husband is violent.  I took my middle one with me for peace of mind, but hubs is adamant that if the kids need a sitter and it’s us, that they will have to bring them here.  Oldest doesn’t drive so that isn’t going to work.  I’m not sure that I can do much to help them out on this one.  And, she needs to start being honest with us.  She lies as well as all of mine do.  Stuff about her kids and her ex and stuff. 


K has had a pretty good several days.  She started improving more after I showed up unexpectedly on Monday to see her.  She’s been more willing to do the program and meet some of the goals she has been avoiding like identifying healthy relationships and ways to cope.  She’s done a lot of work towards getting that stuff written down the last couple of days.  We just had an inter-team meeting this morning and the recommendation is to approve another 4 months knowing that if she improves enough it could be less.  I told them of my concern about school and about being unsupervised over the summer.  We had found out about some things she had done last summer behind our backs.  We need to find something to keep her busy and have some level of supervision whether it’s a part time job or day camps.  It definitely won’t be babysitting this year because she totally blew that last summer.  I REALLY don’t want her to have time alone this summer, but we may not have a choice.

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