I’m a mom of 3 special needs kids. This is some insight in to our lives, past and present.

Here is a post from a blog I abandoned long ago that may give some background.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002


I started this once, but when I posted it hosed. It figures. I thought I had a really good start too. I guess I’ll have to try and start again.

Well, I’m a 39 year old wife, mother and career woman. Notice career is last. Career means nothing to me. I do it just to pay the bills. Someday, when our kids are grown, I want to find a part time job doing something I really enjoy. I guess I should have taken more time during high school to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I’m still not sure why I decided to get into computers. My husband is a school bus driver and stays at home with the kids in the summer. We did it that way cause it made the most sense. He gets to take charters in the summer sometimes to places like the ballpark, museums, and other cool stuff like that. I’m jealous, but we really don’t have a choice. We live on a small farm. We raise our own beef cattle. We’d like to have enough someday that we can start selling to others. With all the health scares lately about tainted beef, etc., it’s nice to know where your food comes from. We have assorted pets too.

We’re involved in our church. We attend regularly and help with fundraisers and other special events. I sing in the choir and edit and publish the newsletter and website. My husband is a Deacon and is on the cemetery committee and I am a Deaconess.

My husband is the only person who understands me. I guess the same could be said about me for him. We can both be tough cookies to live with. I swore I would never marry someone like my dad. But I did. He’s a workaholic and a perfectionist. I’m laid back. If something gets done, great. If it doesn’t, oh well. He’s the type that works from the time his feet hit the floor until he goes to bed at night. I can’t do that. I just can’t.

Our kids are, well, kids. We have issues that we deal with on a daily basis. Our oldest son will be 13 in September and is mentally delayed. He functions on the level of an 8 year, give or take a year. It’s getting to the point where other kids are noticing and believe me, they are not kind. Our youngest is 9. She’s bright and energetic. She needs to constantly be the center of attention. Our middle son is 11 and hard to describe. We’re not sure if he just doesn’t try or he has a learning disability. We’re having him tested to try and find out. My husband doesn’t like to “label” our kids, but they are adopted. We adopted them nearly 7 years ago. We feel they were in the system way too long. That’s made it all the more difficult for us to help them. I guess in my blog, you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to parent special kids. I watched a disney movie the other day. It was about a twin sister whose brother was mentally handicapped. She wanted people to understand her brother and not make fun of him. I cried. She made her own “documentary” about him and the person he was and not his handicap. How cool is that. I’d like people to see my kids that way. Sometimes I have trouble seeing them that way myself. Maybe this will help me too.