You Can’t Always Get What You Want

K had a good visit this past weekend.  Much better than the one before.  She may not have done her chores correctly again, but at least she had a lot less attitude this time around.  Too bad it didn’t last when she got back to residential.  This whole week has been reports of defiance, disrespect and things I just can’t bring myself to write about.  She wants to call home to try and get me to take sides and gets mad when I tell her I believe staff that she’s behaving badly.  We have a wedding to go to the beginning of February, which means she will miss a visit home.  She’s trying to guilt me in to bringing her home anyway.  I won’t get a babysitter for her because I know she’ll take full advantage.  She always does.  And I won’t miss this wedding.  I missed a wedding in September that I had really looked forward to for months because we were in the emergency room with her that entire day trying to get her admitted somewhere.  I won’t know anyone at this wedding as it is hubs friend, but I am looking forward to a night out with him. 


Oldest hasn’t called since they came for dinner last Friday and his dad changed the oil and other fluids in his girlfriend’s car.  Never got a thank you either.  Doesn’t surprise us at all.  The next time he calls it will be because he needs something else.  He’s in for a surprise.  He wants something from us, he’ll have to give something in return, like help his dad with splitting and stacking wood or something.  It’s only fair.  That’ll go over like a lead balloon, I’m sure.  He’ll probably say "nevermind then".  Suits me.