The Spit Has Hit The Fan

It’s coming to a head. Daughter’s bus driver and a couple of her friends took a stand today and turned in the kids who have been harassing daughter. I was not naive enough to think there wouldn’t be backlash but tried to stay upbeat when I spoke to her on the phone about going back to class afterwards. Obviously it didn’t last long because she called me again in tears about getting death threats for turning these kids in by the friends of these kids. Even though the kids who were called in were warned not to say anything and told they would get suspended. Sorry, but they should have been suspended on the spot. This has been going on for years with her at this school. It has turned sexual in nature but has been hard to prove until now. We kept hearing that this is how kids are and it’s impossible to catch this stuff. BALOGNY!! My husband drives a bus with 66 kids on it every day twice a day. He runs a tight ship. He is able to keep them safe while paying attention to the road, but he is also very sensitive and aware to the happenings on the bus and HOLDS KIDS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. And guess what? The kids still respect and like him! Imagine that! He gets super Christmas gifts from them. ;)

My daughter’s mental health and well being have been compromised for far too long. Don’t tell me she needs to learn to deal with it and get a thick skin. No two kids are alike. She doesn’t want to be part of what’s going on, she doesn’t want to act like these kids, she SHOULDN’T have to compromise herself to feel safe!

We’ve done our part by having a therapist visit her weekly at school for the last two years to try and teach her how to handle these situations. She’s done her part by seeing this therapist voluntarily. We shouldn’t have to do all the work here. It’s time for the school to enforce their so-called zero tolerance policies and not tolerate this nonsense anymore. Like I said, they better not try to put her in a mold and say why can’t she let it go like other kids do? Because she is an individual and that’s how she is. She has tried her best. It is just too overwhelming for her.

We are also going to have to deal with people at our church because very respected members of the church have a son/grandson on the list of those harassing her. But, it is what it is. We will deal with that when the time comes.

We have a meeting in person with the principal and counselors on Monday. Please pray for me that I don’t break down in tears with the overwhelming emotion it brings to me and that I’m rational and speak clearly my expectations of what should be done in her best interest. I’m not a very strong person normally, but somehow I find strength when it’s most important.

Prayer Request Update

Still not sure what daughter is thinking sometimes. She put herself out there on Thursday at school divulging some info that seemed to ask "Will you still like me if I tell you this about me?" I know she’s trying to find if people will be her true friend no matter what. I told her that *we* need to think about a different way to find that out.

No school on Friday so today will tell whether or not things get worse. She wrote some things in her journal over the weekend that seem to say that she is really trying not to worry about what other people say to her or about her, but those feelings of worry aren’t going to go away over night. She’s acknowledging in her writing that her dad and I are here for her.

Other than being sick with a bad cold, she was very upbeat over the weekend despite what went on Thursday. I have to keep an eye for her misleading me though, because she can act that way, but actually just be hiding how she really feels. I can’t let my guard down, but at the same time can’t suffocate her.

Thanks again for the prayers. I don’t normally blog about things so deeply personal and I know I’m being vague, but it helps me to know that she’s being watched even more closely from above.