The phone rings at 2 am.  6 hours after the initial phone call.  She is right around the corner to the facility.  The police are there along with a parent of the other child who ran.  She is in tears.  She wants to come home.  She was almost home.  She wants to die.  Hubs speaks with her for awhile and finally calms her down.  He speaks to the policeman who says he needs to ask her a few questions.  We call the facility to alert them to where they are.  Apparently the parent did not do that.   Half an hour later we get another call and she is back at the facility.  Still crying.  Hubs does his magic with her and calms her down again.  She must follow their rules and she must stay put if she wants to be home sooner than later.  Sleep doesn’t come.


We call her this afternoon.  She is near hysterics again.  I speak to her and tell her the things she needs to hear and get her to calm down somewhat.  I need her to stay there and to not cut.  I tell her the ball is in her court and that she is the one in control of whether or not she gets a home visit.  They won’t allow an overnight unless she does not cut for an extended period of time.  This seems to be too much for her.  She says she needs to cut.  I tell her she needs to decide what is more important, cutting or coming home.  She is on red level now so her privileges and phone time are limited.  I will call again tonight during the evening call hours.